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At Don-Tre, we strive to meet the scheduling needs of our clients, as well as their instructional needs. Each student is assessed and evaluated throughout the 6 hour behind the wheel driver training course.

Close monitoring and written evaluation allows for parent, student and instructor interaction with regard to necessary skills related to becoming a safe and responsible driver. Your feedback is essential to our success as a service provider. Your satisfaction is important to us please feel free to give us your feedback.

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DonTre Driving School New Jersey - 16 Year Old Teen Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction


This is Don-Tre Driving School’s premier course for new drivers. This course is designed to fulfill the required training program for 16 year old students for obtaining the NJ learners permit.

DonTre Driving School New Jersey - Road Test and Brush up Driver Training Services

NJ Road Test and Brush Up Services

Are you ready to take the NJ Road Test?

Don-Tre will accompany the student at the time of the NJ Road Test and provide a brush-up review lesson to ensure you have the skills needed.

DonTre Driving School New Jerse - Written Test


Need to take the Test?
Don-Tre created the NJ Learners Permit service specifically for students who haven’t taken the NJ Written Knowledge Test or NJ Permit Test in high school and wish to begin practice driving at 16.

DonTre Driving School New Jersey - Driver Training 30 Hour Classroom Driver Theory Course


Don-Tre driving school is certified to provide a 30-hour Driver Theory Course. This is a comprehensive driver education program (similar to high school driver’s ed) for all first time drivers regardless of age.

DonTre Driving School New Jersey - Online Defensive Driving Course


Don-Tre driving school is to provide a NJ-MVC Approved Online Defensive Driving Course. This online course will provide you the ability to receive insurance discounts and remove 2 points from your license.

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A 6-hour behind the wheel driver training course is the required NJ state minimum, but it is simply not enough for everyone. Don-Tre provides additional hours of training either by the hour or discounted by purchasing a multi-hour package.


At Don-Tre Driving School, we take pride in the success of our students. We do our best to provide quality driver education and keep the entire process as simple and pleasant as we can. We’ve had so many successful and happy students and we are blessed to be teaching the children of many of the parents we taught years ago! Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

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7 Strategies to Help Your Teen Driver
Stay Safe Behind the Wheel